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Sometimes love is not enough. Exiled and orphaned by war, Jarrod begins cultivating a new life protecting those he once saved. When a strange woman and child enter Jarrod’s life, everything begins to unravel. A stronger, more powerful force sets the mechanisms of war into motion. Shadow casts over the land of man and the gods prepare to battle for the fate of the Created. Once more Jarrod discovers himself a tool for the divine and must transcend his limitations. Ascension. Rise with the Gods or fall with the dead.

What would you give up for love? How much would you sacrifice to protect all that you know? These five stories, set in the world of the Nightingale Saga, explore how far one is willing to go to protect and preserve a world out of Harmony. Here balance is lost as the Dark One seeks to return, threatening to enslave all but those that would give the ultimate sacrifice. Not all journeys end in happily-ever-after as Discord and Harmony clash over the lives of those that would determine the balance. Learn how the importance of stories shape the Songs of those that would preserve all that they love.

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